London has an illustrious history of indigenous food production.  Currently the capital is seeing a wave of new food and drink producers.
This is part of a global trend of ‘craft making’ led by production and logistical innovations.
The net result is that within the 33 boroughs of London we have an incredible renaissance of new; bakers, blenders, brewers, curers, distillers, preservers and roasters etc.
After the celebrations of 2012, globally, London the brand, is in the most robust of health, with a theme of traditions being re-invented.

Food from London is the passion of husband and wife team Annie and Philip Slade. Both ex advertising creative directors. One now consultant strategic planner, one company owner (teaching art and crafts to young children). Confirmed Londonites for over 30 years; our passions peaked last summer due to our involvement as volunteers before and during the Olympics Games. This project is our contribution to the 2012 legacy. Since November last year, we have started “Food from London” as an entity. We run a blog about our hunt for the products and producers that will form the content of a book.