The Agency of the Present

I’m annoyed. I’m reading another article speculating about the shape of the Agency of the Future


It was back in 2011 at Cannes that stated “Ad agencies are yesterday”. With it, along with troubles within WPP, it appeared to kick off a tsunami of articles and endless debates on the ‘Agency of the Future’. With the seismic shifts in the agency landscape recently I would have thought we’ve sort of done this now, but the debate continues in some quarters as this week in Cannes, Microsoft are sponsoring yet another ‘Agency of the Future” debate.


You can’t help feeling this has become a bit of a race to the middle, a blanding out of advice from group think. The same quotes and insight; How much the consultancies are spending on buying agencies, success stories of in-housing. Crippling costs of staff and office accommodation in London. I think people get it. The advertising industry has changed. 


But what remains is our core purpose, to sell to distracted audiences. We do this, when at our best, with emotive ideas that stir the soul. Tolerating uncertainty through internal navel gazing, devalues the potential for creativity. This is not a time to leave anything to chance. 


That’s why I really think it’s time to talk about the Agency of the Present. Right here, right now, are waaaaaay too many clients in fear of their jobs, desperate for some kind of result. Famous brands are in creditors meetings almost daily. These people are not seeking another debate, they just need fresh creativity, engaging ideas backed by skills that can predict and measure results, they need all this now.


I offer nothing new other than what was, and should always be, our mission; nurture great talent, tolerate the random, champion amazing work. Go home on time.