Talking in pictures

I do admit to feeling overburdened by the volume of images on my various devices, wondering of their real worth or life expectations. -having lost a device packed with images, and felt utter terror of loss for a few days soon. I was fine and the images were as if they had never been. So maybe the worth I attached was only because I come from pre-digital days, and that a image detox is not a bad thing from time to time 

David Shariatmadari talks in The Guardian about the urge for a photo detox

'...Previous generations seem to have been more aware of the sense of false security that images can provide – portrait paintings were often accompanied by a memento mori – often a well-placed skull signified that death was inescapable. The selfie lacks this handy feature. As we happily snap away, are we are engaged in a kind of mass denial? Things can be preserved, we seem to be saying, perfectly, digitally, and for ever....'

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Neat crowdsourcing research site

Frog design have a very neat idea in FrogMob. A crowdsourcing and results delivering site. Spanning just 7 days from call for research to synthesis. focused on visual story telling of an issue or service. Three projects have gone up so far, the latest on power. HERE I have seen similar projects flounder before on lack of uptake, but these guys have contributions from all over the globe, although so far I am the only one from London to take part in the power project. I would like to see more of these open source research projects. The more we know the better our judgement.