Playing music while you work

Thank you to the ever observant Russell Davis for highlighting Musicology a fascinating visual bespoke music site. Ever since being introduced to Pandora I have been in two minds about this type of service. On the one hand they are great for creating a mood, on the other if you are musicovery.pngusing a well known band as a starting point (BowieThe Clash etc) you just end up with second rate sound alikes. But I suppose the biggest draw back is that rather than an ipod that hums away in the background while you work. Sound matching sites are so intriguing in the 'who's this?' way, that you are forever checking band names and details, is worst as it provides so much background info on each band. I spent the best part of an afternoon cross referencing second division punk bands connected by the sound of  Sham 69 (while my presentation went unfinished) For new music Haystack works well, but they appear quite pro' Snow patrol so be careful.

1. iPods = Surprise yourself with what you own. reassuring

2. Pandora = generic sounds, unmoderated tends to go off on a tangent.

3. Last.FM = Good punk selections, time consuming, customisable graphics

4. Musicovery = Fab graphics but limited range too much Aha & Aerosmith

5. XFM = Can be repetitive but you could win tickets to winterwonderland.

6. Humming = Rather comforting but bloody annoying for your co-workers