Oh dear, oh dear

yup its MOVEMBER, fab idea for raising awareness of men's health and prostrate cancer in particular. Spend November trying to grow your very own Earl / Borat face fur. Sort of like wearing a hairy ribbon. neat web site and global reach. Donate to our very own 'Seven Floors of Manliness' team here.

After 18 months, Amplified Journeys makes its debut

Despite still feeling a little jaded from The Big Chill, last night was the press launch for Harman Kardon's amplified journeys . A fun event in The Bluebird Dining Rooms, lots of press turned up, most things worked as planned, food was fab and the wine flowed (rather to) freely.
Tony Harberman from Harman hosted the event. Alex James (he of Blur) spoke of music and cheese and I got to show off amplifiedjourneys.hk
Focus are doing the PR and to quote "...The magic of online music discovery has now been merged with the practicalities of route navigation for the very first time in a new, unique and totally ingenious web mash-up...amplifiedjourneys.hk marks the first time music and journey planning web applications have been brought together to provide web users with bespoke music playlists, which can be intrinsically linked to personal musical tastes and a planned trip..."