Muggers delight

A while ago I wrote about my worries regarding social networks moving onto mobile phones. It centred on my concerns regarding opportunist muggers who might use the technology for a double hit. Today the BBC carried a story regarding concerns about stalkers misusing the ipod/nike set up.

I think the danger is less with stalkers but more with predetermined burglary. If as a house breaker you have a property under watch and the owner jogs. then the ipod/nike setup offers a fab WiFi look-out system, as you can track the house owners movements.

I take it encryption is pretty easy for these types of units. So why not? the question is more regarding the issue of web2.0 sharing. swapping ideas and joining up friends is indeed cool. Amongst friends why put up barriers? well unfortunately, outside of the beta testers there are some pikey individuals. I just think the rush to get these products out has ment some elements of common sense regarding personal safety have been ignored.