Christmas eCards

Ho Ho not very Ho.

Well quite a pony selection of agency/company/suppliers cards this year so far. The Media agency I am sharing an office with are overflowing with chocolate advent calendars. High(low)lights being the nice illustration on the Clear Channel one let down by woeful copy 786072-600263-thumbnail.jpg and poor font choice.  Also a very bland offering from Orange, I really expected much more from them.

Arc's plant a tree ecard is OK but could have been so much better had it linked to Plazes or Google earth or Flickr. Reactive have some neat programming in theres and if I was a client I can imagine pushing there little animated bodies around would give me pleasure. But for out and out simplicity Brand Tacticians wins.  786072-600248-thumbnail.jpg

For interactive fun, Russell Davies highlights  Grand Unions  Xpapr app' which is with out doubt one of the best time wasting / colour copier abusing ideas I've seen for awhile. (and possibly the tipping point for anti web 2.0 sites)

As ever the truth is so much funnier than the forced humour of company cards so I leave you with AdVerbatims. Everybody must be able to add something to this excellent collection of quotes from the creative process.