An unfinished brand? Honda. In this case the incomplete story is the appeal. I really enjoy there bravery. Most automotive marques shout at you with an arrogant confidence that there brand is just fine. Everythings sorted and within this years model line-up is a car designed just for your needs. The work that appears in the UK for Honda comes from a different angle, more a questioning approach about the process of design and function. Not some twaddle about parking sensors shot against a winding mountain road . This is truly amazing as it was not to many years ago when all the brand wanted to talk about (rather sheepishly) was reliability and safety. Neither bad things but not subjects that were ever going to make me consider the brand was aimed at anyone else other than an uncle from Bournemouth. Honda make just about anything with an engine, which does make them fab engineers with a slightly shaky reputation for visual aesthetics. In Japan and the US there are models that do counter the grey plastic reputation of 1980's Honda's. More here. I rather like this inconsistent global approach it even extends to there web presence. Later when I have more time I'll expand with more examples of  fluid/solid brands.