Dad, blogs are dull.

bebo bannerThis mourning Alice was at pains to point out how dull blogs were compared to the interactive nature of sites like Bebo. While a digital migrant like myself has got very excited by web 2.0, Alice and her chums have swiftly zoomed through Habbo Hotel (fab graphics and a funky office in Islington) via Bebo, swerved Myspace to MSN messenger. Even Jake's fallen for one, bit like Habbo but with fat penguins. Anything that gets you excited has to be good, its just that Alice considers interactive community sites as a base level function. Far from exciting. So an emotional divide by age and experience? Not that important but its interesting that most senior marketers fall in to my camp. These the very people trying to influence the emotions of a youthful audience.  post by Jason Oke here. sets out 5 key bits of advice on a similar subject. Jason's post is on part of the Leo Burnett Canada site, which if you have't seen it is really rather good.