Working Enviroments

wo cafe.jpghomeshot.jpgI am working from two different new offices this week, An intriguing view of contrasting attitudes to ways of cultivating creative thought. Russell Davies rather excellent blog covered similar thoughts recently. I feel every creative task could do with a slightly different environment so therefore any designed space will compromise. (That said I am going to spend a day in a Scottish field with a herd of cows next week, hopefully to resolve a number of rather specific creative challenges. ) Recent experience does prove that when agency directors spend large amounts of time with floor plans its a sure sign territory and not new ideas really matter. This weeks experience has made me consider a top ten of all the places I've worked, which I'll post soon, If I can really be arsed I'll put any pics I can find to prove a point about some of the grimiest places produce the best work, while the anodyne wide open spaces of a new build hi-tech curtail some of the wilder flights of fancy. Might also be something to do with the atmosphere created by in-house catering versus the pub over the road. The former producing lovely food at a subsidised rate, but the latter encourages more robust creative critique.