Just add water

jakes feetNew corporate developments talk about the harmony between public and business use. The reality is often a sterile environment that actually amplifies the difference between those high up in glass towers and those being blown around in stone clad canyons at there base. The new More London Riverside. Looks rather dull from afar but has really sweet human features at ground level, namely a stream running down one side and water sculptures like this at the main entry point from the tube and train. Just about every one I saw today either brushed there hands along the side of the sculptures or skipped across the stream with a smile. That has to be  a better achievement than how many Starbucks/Cafe Rouge/AllBarOne/et al are signed up at opening. If you do get a chance to go inside 2More Place, the view is stunning. Visit London on the 6th floor, have  a corner meeting room that looks out over HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge. The spare floors below are being used for a fair amount of location filming. I believe so far an intriguing mix of Andrew Marr and Footballers wives.