Speeding up Mondays

shoes.png Hit a bit of a slow Monday today. I was trying to come up with new ideas for an Airline I'm working on, but not really getting excited by much when a quick trawl around the marvellous NOTCOT.org and heh presto, instant ads! or rather an amusing programme for generating arbitray layouts. Its all the idea of Alexis Lloyd a student at CD+T in New York. As part of his studies he has taken slogans from the corporate world, randomized and remixed them before pairing them with images from Flickr. Good brainstorm ice breaker and I was quite taken by a shot of a slightly shocked couple staring into space with the line 'Your Beer, Our Life'  mmm might be  something in that.

The restaurant chain Mash (Manchester & London) had a similar welcome phrase generator running as you entered, but wasn't as fun as this. japbrush.png

Also mentioned on NOTCOT a fantastic set of free photoshop brushes for Japanese flower patterns, really fab, the designer Jason Gaylor is a total star for putting them up to  share (normal rights etc attached)