Not a normal day

8.45 a.m. Late to the MCCA board meeting due to a person under the tube at Tooting -nice. Had to leave the board meeting early to attend an old colleagues funeral,(same age as me-agh!) skipped the wake to head back to the office and plate spin before diving into an hour long rather sticky conference call with clients in Geneva. This then made me late to meet The Fish at the rather grand Goring Hotel in Victoria. -she didn't seem that cross, as she was being plied with GnT's by the rather eager staff. 7 p.m first meeting of the day I made on time. An RSA reception at Buckingham Palace to view the Italian Renaissance collection, not a style I normally seek out but the royal family have amassed a quite spectacular group of large canvas's. The restored works feature vivid colours and alot of large women with no clothes on. This most extraordinary day ended in a blizzard of cocktails at Lost Society in Clapham.

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