Volvo C30 dull DM, great online.

I got a second Volvo C30 mailer the other day. It annoyed me, I couldn't quite work out why. The Volvo brand does come c30DM.pngwith something of a bumper set of matching baggage. But looking past that, what is wrong with this piece of communication? The yellow and green colour scheme is cold and grates, but its the copy that I found so off putting. Do I believe I will '..avoid crushing disappointment..' if i don't arrange a test drive, er no. Plus the '..its going quick..' pun about limited edition sports cars is as old as the hills.

What shows it up so much is that the  the online communication is fab. very interactive, fun, tongue in cheek and most of all informative. The obvious answer appears two different agencies were involved. Its nuts in this day and age to waste resource in such a manner. Especially when the ideas online would make amazing mailings. c30online.png

Volvo have done some really innovative marketing in there time, One of my favorites being the Volvo estate converted into a racing car (that won races).  Even  the recent TV has been good.

The Volvo C30 is such a quirky car that appears to drive well. Why settle for such bland direct marketing?