On line retail

786072-669423-thumbnail.jpg Just brought a rather fab new Crumpler bag (Aus site, very er Aus), the on-line purchasing experience was as ever rather less than fab. (See below) But by chance came across this amazing shopping site along the way called Shop Composition. Based in Colorado. Eye popping menu and product display, a real joy to use, simple, clear and easy.

If you do want a cheap Crumpler (UK site, very 2.0) by the way, a brilliant tip I got was to ignore bag retailers and go for IT geek suppliers who don't have the client base that pay 'style' prices. All praise to Memory Card Zoo, slightly dodgy over animated site but extremely speedy service and a fantastic price.

On the subject of bags I still think the recycled freitag designs are excellent. The web site is a whole world of interaction and 786072-669442-thumbnail.jpg customer power as you design your own bag from used truck tarpaulin. My only worry is the thought of all those young swiss designers hanging round lorry parks late at night. The chap on the home page only adds to my concerns.