Job done

Six days of shooting in airports and on board planes has come to an end. It was all in all great fun and an experience in how long your body can keep going on caffeine, stress and large doses of airline food. We did however learn some interesting things.

 1. American immigration is still two hours of misery, fast lane included. -and the British habit of trying to lighten the mood with a joke when you do finally get to the front of the queue REALLY REALLY does not work.

2.  Soldiers in desert storm camo' in JFK got our attention

3. The public face of American security looks water tight, including 'close' body searches, however it needn't get in the way of some damn fine photography.

4. London Stansted security was a whole different ball game. They weren't even on high alert, Everyone was very charming, just very very keen at there jobs. One even told me as an ex-prison officer he knew hiding places I could never dream of  -nice.

5. We're all kids at heart. First thing we do when given the run of a 767? yup. go sit in the cockpit.