Moving around

Kia is a car brand that promises 'The power to surprise' . The Kia Carnival I've just spent a couple of weeks with has made me wonder if there is not a mould breaking campaign hidden within. The current Kia brand advertising has always appeared to me to massively over promise what is after all simple cheap cars for non-petrolheads. Even with such high(!) expectations of the brand I was still massively disappointed when handed the keys, 786072-867733-thumbnail.jpg (It did have an F1 team sticker which was sort of neat) more really because the Kia engineers had obviously spent ages fitting in extra cup holders and handbag clips, double sets of aircon controls etc, but had singularly failed to spend any time on the steering (vague in the extreme) or brakes (soft to the point of non-existent) But after a cavalcade of sub-TopGear criticism I did start to think maybe I had got it all wrong and it wasn't supposed to be a Renault Espace substitute (thanks Hertz) but was simple 'a way of moving around' not a car brand after all. The brand promise for the Carnival of 'pleasure of life' may also be taken another way. Its not about the drive more the fact your going some where better (when you get out the car). The Kia brand could be the antichrist to the god of BMW. 786072-867723-thumbnail.jpgThe Kia brand could speak of travel, moving around and how great an advantage mobility is. The fact it involves poorly assembled wafer thin steel and oceans of grey plastic are kind of by the by. Its a brand for people who want to move around but don't like the idea of cars, sort of like a bus you drive yourself. Kia. We are Transport.