Barck Obama the gift to new business

I have been writing a whole bunch of presentations lately on the lessons we can learn from Barack Obama's marketing campaign. Pretty much all centred on the thought that the internet changed in October 2008.

There are so many things to draw on from the opening up of visual equities to the YouTube rebuttals linked to sites like

Todays cut on the story is building around the thought about optimised search via brand negative terms

"Brand advocacy grows with quieter advertising and looser brand control –just ask Obama."

There are many elements to Barack Obama’s campaign that have changed the way online communications should now be used. The SEO element using supporters generated content should impact on any brand with an online presence. Most brand sites do not account for consumers current search behaviour. The internet changed in October have you explained to your clients why?

Good Obama case history

Barack Obama’s digital agency

Earlier version of social networking element

BBC article about changes in search patterns

Chris Hughes ex Facebook was behind the strategy