Smells like Dave Gorman

As part of the MCCA Best awards. The host Dave Gorman has set all the agencies the chance to pitch to him for the launch of Dave Gorman the perfume. Really great idea, unfortunately due to time pressures we couldn't give it the full force, so had a lateral look instead. Not having NDA'a or a financial stake in the out come its refreshing to be able to share the fruits of our (short) labours HERE. The original brief is HERE.

Most industry award ceremonies feature a big name act doing there standard 40 minute set before handing out the gongs with a few quips thrown in. Last year Dave Gorman wrote a specific set critiquing the often pompous and/or confusing web sites of the agency's present in a hilariously unflattering light. With the result a couple of agency's took down there sites the following day. He really is a top chap.

Ceremony takes place at The Brewery, EC1, March 4th. Updates then.