Burger King and a cavity search

While McDonalds walks very slowly away from global campaigns (The UK is not getting the full  McD'Olympic package in case it upsets us liberals) It would appear Burger King is moving a bit quicker in culturally specific campaigns. The guys at Idea Sandbox highlighted an amusing German BK campaign which included a very worried onion about to get the rubber glove treatment from a member of the village people. More of the Campaign HERE. plus coverage HERE

It would appear to fit the profile of BK's German young male audience. Done by .Start in Munich.

BUT check out the comments posted after this story appeared - its just staggering how many people would appear to think Burger King should have a holy than thou Americanised approach where ever it trades. One of the great benefits of multi & digital channel advertising is that you CAN speak in sympathy to many different groups at the same time, rather than sticking to some bland nonsense from the '90s.