Just back from The Big Chill

This summer has seen almost 400 'festival' events planned (according to RPM) while some fell at the last hurdle with low ticket sales (Wild in the Country, WaxOn) others showed a lack of planning (zoo8 plus others) a very few sold out (Leeds & Reading / CampBestival) I think this year will be the turning point for the   festival market. A bit more solid audience research needs to be done by organisiers before event planning. The smaller niche events appear to have done the best.  Normally associated with quality services -NOT luke warm Carlsberg and random noodles. After all there are only so many 17 year olds willing to put up with the joy of Readings  'environment' (wow that makes me sound old)

Well, I took myself and kids off to The Big Chill, Very middle class, very safe, and mostly very relaxing, some neat brand activity and the surprisingly good Leonard Cohen I really am hitting that age! -still looking forward to seeing Iggy Pop at Get Loaded