Laziest TV programme ever?

Lee Mack and Frank Skinner check the direction of the First Class loungeBBC launched what is probably the laziest bit of programme making I have ever seen. 'Celebrities' race around the world in 80 days in aid of Children in Need. You can just hear the brainstorm now, "...what about the ghost of Micheal Palin mixed with a TopGear challenge and a sub Charlie Boorman travelogue.." What we actually got was Lee Mack and Frank Skinner travelling first class by train and hired mini bus, London to Turkey in Nine days, NINE DAYS!! they didn't even reach their destination on time. You could get a black cab to do it quicker than that! as for the required peril or disasters on route, we got a hotel key put in the wrong way round and a bit of confusion over a tourist visa in Turkey (something a gazillion Brit package holiday makers successfully complete every year) How stupid do the programme makers think the audience have to be to find this entertaining?

The only point of note in the whole show was the rather nice shirts both Lee and Frank wore. The rest was utter tosh of the highest order, even Sky won't have made something this crass.

Final word from the person responsible for green lighting this awful mess.

Jo Ball, BBC Commissioning Editor for Features, BBC One and BBC Two, said: "Around The World In 80 Days is an exciting part of our autumn schedule and we are looking forward to seeing some of TV's best-loved famous faces (BTW that includes Shane Richie) take part in this 21st-century twist on Fogg and Palin's epic voyage."

The twist being we just spend a load on a travel planner, get some second rate celebs to moan about being worn out, sat in first class all day, and heh presto cheapskate TV.