Better late than never

I have on many occasions expressed my dismay at the state of the labour Partys commuincations. It would appear that at last they are considering a fresh approach. I really hope some one at Labour HQ is brave enough to take (and act on) the advice given.

"...Thomas Gensemer masterminded Barack Obama's groundbreaking and astonishingly successful online presidential campaign. Could he help Gordon Brown at the next election? He thinks so, as he tells Stephen Moss and Sarah Phillips of The Guardian.."

Video of interview HERE

"...He is critical of the way British parties are currently approaching new media. "They have focused too much on gimmicks and what they can sell to the press," he says. "Now Labour MPs are using Twitter, but the political capital that went into getting a couple of MPs to Twitter probably wasn't worth it. Prescott's petition on the bankers has 15,000 signatures, but what are they asking people to do? You could have asked for different things that would create a greater sense of engagement. None of this is a technology challenge; it's an organisational challenge, being willing to communicate with people....."