Duck islands Vs Peter & Jordan

Britain has a unique media landscape - I think partially because we never really got WWE WrestleMania.

Let me explain. The Peter Andre & Katie Jordan Price car crash relationship still rolls through the British media because its an endless pantomime of hero's and villain's, with a script so transparent we all get it. But lap it all up because there are no surprise's, just another wedding/separation/recomfirmation/birth, round the corner. It is our very own version of a WWE 'history-in-the-making World title defence/rematch/comeback/handbag Slamdown.

This despite taxpayers money being lavished on Conservative grandees Duck islands, Manor House's and Moat clearances. David Cameron just about convinced everyone that the Tory's had changed, were new and full of young people with new ideas. But now like some pantomime baddy come back from the dead, we are told 'Oh No' The Tories/Conservatives really do all own wacking great piles in the country. oh bugger me how did i not see that coming.

Mind you a complete overhaul of Parliment with even a real possibility of an elected upper house, now that might just be the M Night Shyamalan rewrite of Puss in Boots we all need.