The Final Countdown

The final stage of the general election is upon us. Really looking forward to see how the clash of advertising styles works out. The Labour party had been doing well with its under funded campaign being boosted with Internet japes. However it all came unstuck this week when its user generated poster back fired. The issue of using figures from popular culture is all very well, its just no one seems to have thought it through, that people actually like Gene Hunt and his 1980’s style of command, that’s why it’s a popular icon. How the Labour Part thought this was going to appose rather than attract(see comments) is bizarre. I do hope however that it does not put them off seeking crowd sourced creative. The theory is sound and keeps the campaign alive. A few more calm heads needed for the reality checks however.


Still looking for a better use of Facebook from the parties. There is so much that could be done with Facebook targeting, messages and friend groups. There is too much broadcasting at present and not enough under the skin cohesion. The other thing that’s missing at present is an app for campaigning. Either party could have an AR app that tells you how much has/hasn’t been spent on hospitals/police stations/schools as you walk past. Now the Ordnance Survey have open up their code, an easy mash-up of local authority spending on very pretty maps would appeal greatly. Philip Slade.