Life in a Day, YouTube channel idea

Now this is a great use of YouTube/social media. Capture the world on one single day by the people in it - us. Ridley Scot & Kevin Macdonald fronting a campaign on YouTube to gather a bucket load of footage from one specfic day (July 24) then using there skill for narrative and editing, create a drama shot by the people of the world, neat.

Way back in analogue world (well 1995 to be precise), I had a similar idea for Kodak, it almost got brought, was presented twice in Rochester, NY to the Kodak board, but sadly, like so many innovative ideas put forward to Kodak, its light went out!

Our idea? The Day The World Stood Still. On one day the whole world would stand still and take a picture of itself. These images would be collected into a book (album) of the world taken by the world.

Kodak had the tech to produce, 3 shot 35mm disposable cameras, (styled around the brand icon of the yellow 35mm Kodak film box) which would be flooded out across all their global outlets and partners. Depending on market these would be incentivised or rewarded with purchase of Kodak products etc. You can see some of the 1995 creative HERE.

A competition element for the best images was going to be rewarded with a chance to witness the millennium sun rise from a Concorde circling the globe, i.e. say thankyou to the rest of the world.

We had a team working on it from both IMP & DMB&B for about a year, but after much excitement, it fell away. However it was a very fun ride while it lasted.