What new can you say about lager?

Stella Artois or wife beater to its fans. One of many standard lagers that have had to rely on great planning and outstanding creative to create its brand. Pretty much most lagers to most consumers are the same. The point of difference is simply how the consumer is currently feeling about the most recent ads or sponsorship. Stella has in the UK had the full gamut of award winning memorable and dull forgettable campaigns. Currently I feel much less connected to the brand than normal. The TV work grates, while the press and outdoor has design value charm, but I'm not grabbed by it. BUT when I was shown this US viral spot I was really bowled over by it. It has values, an idea and lovely execution. (more HERE) It says to me a modern product with traditions, that takes care over details and respects the past. All the things you would want a lager drinker to assume the liquid is made with. (dispite knowing deep down its made by robots in a dank industrial estate) Lager campaigns are hard BUT they mark out those agencies that try hard and those that just 'do enough' to get by.

Created by Mother. Directed by Malcolm Murray. More at both; http://theritualproject.com & http://uptherefilm.com