Worried your Eco car makes you feel impotent? Cadillac have just the car for you

Just when you thought the American car industry finally got the modern world they build the Cadillac Ciel, less a car more a barge, it really is huge, but yet it is sooooo wrong it just has to be right. -and the doors are fantastically impractical you just want them (but not in a Tesco carpark!) I mean in the days of Whipcar.com and Streetcar.com if you are really going to own your own car I think you should go balls out and get this. Nothing says I own the road like having a car that covers ALL of it! I would love to see this try and get through central London. The promo film features two young couples weekending in wine country, you do feel the cars more natural habitat would however be in old skool rap videos. Worth noting as well that in the film there appears to not only be no roof or covering but also no seatbelts - lets face it, if you are aiming on annoying the European eco's, you might as well really go for it!

WSJ pics of the whale, sorry Ciel here : http://on.wsj.com/pvyXM9

Fastcodesign.com also have pics and few good points about design studies gone mad: http://bit.ly/p7mFQ7