Track your McD or real time answers to what's in my burger, and who made it?

As if to prove just how wrong the Iceland approach is (see post below) McDonald's in Australia have launched this App that allows you to track the source of all your ingredients, including introducing you to the various growers and farmers involved. A simple(ish) combination of GPS, image recognition and augmented reality. I'm not a customer, but I do like this very much. Thanks to rufusleonard for the tip

McDonald's "Track My Macca's" from Stevie Laux on Vimeo.

Turn your phone into a mobile Macca’s ingredient tracker and get to know some McDonald’s favourites inside out… For the first time ever you can track ingredients in the actual food you bought. Just point your phone at the front of the specially marked boxes and let the app do the rest.

Your table-top suddenly springs into life with cutting-edge 3D augmented reality. Pick one of the featured ingredients to track, then find out its story. Using your phone's GPS, image recognition, plus the date and time, it works out where some of the ingredients came from, and what happened to them on their way to you. If you like, you can even get friendly with some of the farmers, fishermen and bakers who supply McDonald’s.