I've gone a done it again and started another age


Well, to be honest, it all sort of started by accident. However we are now really chuffed to be able to start talking about our new agency. Called Path Worldwide or PathWW for short.

Path is a new kind of agency focused on unlocking value in shopper behaviour 

Built around a core team of Ben Stobart and Philip Slade. Both with award winning track records in international shopper marketing. Path is very proud to be part of The House Worldwide a new model for advertising networks.

Ben and Philip believe a multi-channel world demands a new approach to unlocking value in the path to purchase. Current projects are proof testing their thinking in three key areas;

Building new paths

Clearing a crowded path

Shortening an existing paths length

Path was set up in late 2013 with founding client Champagne Laurent-Perrier who appointed the new agency to look after their UK and World Duty Free business.

Since launch Path has been supporting House Worldwide clients; ghd and Lenovo as well as picking up the brief from one of the UK’s most famous retailers. Details of this exciting new development in the life of this fledgy business will be released shortly.

You can see more of what we are up to via TheHouseww.com or Pathww.com or hello@pathww.com