Is AI draining the emotion out of advertising?

AI is fundamentally changing business and those it employs, no more so than in marketing communications. Jaywing is deeply involved. We are not only a developer of AI driven marketing technology but a large employer of the very jobs that this technology is replacing.

 We therefore feel expertly qualified to host a debate about AI.

Has the potential of AI driven guaranteed results opened up the possibility of doing away with the mystic behind creativity? Undoubtedly automation can help brands gain a much quicker, more accurate short term attention. But what are the long-term effects? Does automation in marketing offer a backdoor to more sinister uses of AI? Less scary, but no less important is that research indicates that a more emotional, tangentially random human approach has more profitable outcomes.

 Jaywing’s Head of AI Martin Benson and Director of Strategy Philip Slade go head to head to debate the question of how to achieve better creative marketing for brands. The dependable logic of AI or the capricious nature of creative humans.

 "More human than human" – Tyrell / Blade Runner

 "People asked a computer, 'Is there a God?' And the computer said, 'There is now,' and fused the plug."  Stephen Hawking