Car industry creative commons?

roewe.jpg The online world seems cool with flexible ideas regarding copyright. The automotive industry (outside of kit cars) has never really faced such dilemma until now.

Much talk in the motoring press at present about Chinese Car makers copying western models. Michelin's newsletter has a good overview HERE. Shuanghuan are the company of the moment with the  BMW X5 look-a-like called the CEO. Everything seemed ok while the cars were only sold in China but now plans are afoot to export them suddenly everyone's getting very excited. Honda appeared first off the blocks a few years ago pulling legal moves on a CRV-a-like weirdly called the Laibao.

My favorite (!) is less a copy more a rebirth. The delightfully named Roewe  is indeed a Rover 75 first seen in Europe in 1999. Apart from being ludicrously cheap i really can't see any brand benefits.