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Yes the ipad is noteworthy

- also fun, exciting and intriguing. Looking at what it can do brought out so many thoughts about its possibilities, most of which were not in the apps on show this week. I am sure that if Apple are right and this is a new category of device then the true worth of it will come when designers stop designing for a big iTouch and start thinking about New from New - motion and action process's. 

I feel mapping and tutorials are key human interactions for a digital device like this. Should also be noted that with all Apple first gen' products there are teething issues, at least two of the demo models i used this week had 'issues'

After a couple of days playing I like the size and hand feel of the device. The controls are almost familiar with a small amount of learning, (mind you zero time spent reading any instructions) You feel a certain joy with the interface because it just keeps doing things for you!Philip Slade & t7F London on an iPad

Prince Caspian says no to crack

Saw Bigga Than Ben at a charity preview last night. This is the film written and directed by Suzie Halewood.
Based on a Russian best seller about two young guns scamming London for all its worth. Gritty, funny and very good to look at. Starring Ben Barnes (yes, Prince Caspian himself) and Andrei ChadovI.

The soundtrack features Joe Strummer, Pete Doherty and The Rifles, the latters 'Lost in London' fits so well. really hope the film gets a wider audience than just its current art house run.

Suzie is the charming lady who directed our Fresh & Green commercial last year, pic from shoot with Mr AWT. There is an outside chance this will have another outing on TV. Previously with a media budget the square root of feck all, next to no one saw it.

Amplified Journeys in action

The music discovery / navigation online mash-up I designed is now live and running! Commissioned by Harman Kardon in the UK. This site acts as a living piece of brand advertising. Due to grow and be added too over the coming months. Its all really rather exciting. Do try it out. amplifiedjourneys.hk

After 18 months, Amplified Journeys makes its debut

Despite still feeling a little jaded from The Big Chill, last night was the press launch for Harman Kardon's amplified journeys . A fun event in The Bluebird Dining Rooms, lots of press turned up, most things worked as planned, food was fab and the wine flowed (rather to) freely.
Tony Harberman from Harman hosted the event. Alex James (he of Blur) spoke of music and cheese and I got to show off amplifiedjourneys.hk
Focus are doing the PR and to quote "...The magic of online music discovery has now been merged with the practicalities of route navigation for the very first time in a new, unique and totally ingenious web mash-up...amplifiedjourneys.hk marks the first time music and journey planning web applications have been brought together to provide web users with bespoke music playlists, which can be intrinsically linked to personal musical tastes and a planned trip..."