Brand Driving

alfaday2.pngI spent an enjoyable Sunday mourning driving the new Alfa Romeo spider at Stoke Park. Brand driving days are not new but as a way of moving prospects from 'cool' to 'warm' they are very effective. Slick invitation process leading you to a comfortable environment, piles of Sunday papers, plentiful food and a stack of cars to drive. Hopefully this leads to a warm fuzzy feeling about the brand. Well it worked for Jake (11) but his father was perplexed. Why when trying to impress all things Alfa, do you have the majority of the demo cars in any colour other than evocative Alfa Red? most of the spiders were in fact, in very bland silver. Also on a day when details really count, why not hire Italian staff for all the meet and greet stuff. The agency behind the Alfa TV work KROW are here, not sure who organised the direct work.