The BT brand experiance stinks

It really is astonishing how bad the actual BT customer experience is. Legion are the stories of consumers getting short changed. But its the business experience that is in such stark contrast to the projected image of cutting edge technology with a touchy feely human interface.

Passion, my last business, suffered six months of pain at the hands of BT's 'business experts' but its there mobile service that has brought forth my recent exasperation. The lowest moment was over the weekend when I found that you can only report a fault or speak to an engineer Monday to Friday! so millions are spent to convey a brand that understands business with 'flexable-wi-fi-home-hub-broadband' but only if that business operates Monday to Friday! how does that reflect today's business world? BT's web site is full of promises of help for start-ups. but no mention of the fact they'll only answer the 'phone Monday to Friday.

With a 'no-frills' brand like Ryanair you expect a lack of human contact when things go wrong. But BT is a fully featured brand leader. The point in paying extra for such brands is the reassurance they will pitch in when things go wrong. Not leave you spitting feathers and plotting a speedy brand switch.