Scrap books good

taboo scrap.pngJust come across this fantastic blog: Ace jet 170. set up by a graphic designer in Belfast. A collection of found type and graphic images. (seen via typepads featured blog section - normally the preserve of 'fudge fairy' makers in Baltimore)

Scrap books are the great guilty secret of creatives and compulsive hoarders. This book 'inspired' was plugged by Russell Davies recently for the same reasons.

Are we losing something with digital scrap books like mobile Flickr and etc. There is a certain randomness to turning the pages of an actual scrap book pondering inspiration that the ordered neatness of tags misses. The balance of course is to use both.

Creative inspiration is so random at the best of times, (interesting view here from Greg Turner-Rahman) I am cautious of digital scrap books. mind you having seen the amazing Delicious Monster software, I have a certain secret geek need to see all my CDs/DVDs/Books pictorially catalogued. I just know i would never get round to doing it.