Free Charts

Trying to breath life into a rather dry Power Point** presentation yesterday, came across this simply inspired little device for making charts.  Produced by the Huffington Post, it ranks blog posts into graphics. (i.e. Heat only just more important than the Hoff, also 'Shouting' loads more popular than 'flip charts') Pointed out by the excellent metasurface who used it to compare food stuffs with political groups. Hezbollah losing out to a bag of Taco's, but Hamas managing to hold there own against a bowl of Hummus

786072-490845-thumbnail.jpg 786072-493032-thumbnail.jpg 786072-493030-thumbnail.jpg 


** = Actually the web is awash with advice on this very subject. The 10 slide rule here. But my favorite by far is comparing Darth Vaders slides with Yoda's. Thanks to Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen for that.