New airline brands

786072-528421-thumbnail.jpgI am working on one of the new all-business-class airlines at present. really interesting to see how this market will shape up. With private charter doing so well at the moment I do think there is a significant audience for more bespoke airline offerings.

There are three brands at present on the transatlantic route. EOS with a close to first class service, MAXjet with a business class value positioning and new comer Silverjet citing ease of check-in. I am developing ideas for MAXjet so am biased when I say I think there business model is pretty spot on.  EOS looks very plush and there customer profile has appeal to third party brands but with such value in exclusivity how are they ever going to run believable cut-price seat sales to fill the plane? and if they do will the Sarah Fergusons and Venus Williams be happy sitting next to a bunch of lads who got 'last minutes' from the Standard? Silverjet does not fill me with confidence. Its not just the fact it flies from Luton with its railway connection from hell but the 'Silver jet private terminal' would appear to be a room with tea and coffee making facilities.  I like the tone of the some of the copy on there web site. but the total package of there service appears to have alot of costly add-on-extras. The key appeal of a new brand is to be different. pricing should be part of this. I don't like being sold glamour features only to be told they will be charged (an unknown amount) extra. One last point, for a brand that sells online you should really start with company and URL matching, the fact Silverjet don't own is eye opening. But I should not really quibble yet. It is very early days for all three brands and any one who tries to be different should be applauded for having a go.simitLOGO.jpg

The new Hong Kong service by Oasis started last week. Really not sure about the idea of long haul in Ryanair type splendor, but there probably will always going to be enough backbackers to fill it. The German, Alexander W. Schoppmann who is planning a smokers airline to and from China may well have the real winner though. Plus a classic 70's retro logo.