Rather coy

These last few months I have been rather coy about what I am doing for work. So have only really skirted around the point that I am acting as a consultant at present. Truth is, despite a blogs traditional, confess all structure I have been rather embarrassed about not having full-time work. With my last two roles both ending in a very unplanned way I was greatly troubled by thoughts of 'what next?'

Even though Marketing Week recently called me "...one of the below-the-line industry's most high-profile creatives..." I have found it hard to find a role to fully occupied myself. One very well known agency recently said '...I would unbalance them...' not sure if that's a compliment or a reflection of there ambitions. trouble is they are right in one respect, I am not an ambient creative, but I like to look at it as value for money, being hyper active you do get rather a lot of me.

Actually the last few months have been very interesting, working on the 2012 Olympics, distillers in Scotland and most recently an all business class airline.

There is an intriguing discussion happening at present about a rather unique agency role for the New Year. more news on that as and when etc.