Talking about web 2.0

There has been quite a bit of follow up after my talk last week, most around a throw away comment I made about web 2.0 being a bit of a myth. I think I said perhaps we have missed something, all the talk about new web might actually be just that, empty comment, because the product's functionality (AJAX code, consumer interaction) is really not that new or clever, its the digital natives (young creative minds) that have used this tool in a way a digital migrant (like me) would not have considered, we had mobile phones and text messages, they went straight to Bebo and habbo hotel, which rapidly took them into: ziki / riya / odeo / flickrblog etc. I am still constantly bowled over by these fab new applications such as this new picture finder. from Felix Turner at Air Tight Interactive.

Growing up with calling your mates or texting under the covers, is very different to sharing thoughts online.

So the point being its the older generations (40 +) fascination with communication protocols of the young of mind that is driving the brand 'web 2.0' Because web 2.0 is after all a conversation topic rather than a product.

I find parallels with corporations trying to understand dance music 10 years ago.

picture finder.png