Friday afternoon research


Something to bring a smile to your face. Honda Japan's utterly bonkers home page. charm, wit and advice on growing potatoes (yes really)

The construct of this site makes me enthusiastic about finding more. I get the impression this brand is home to people with a passion for what they do. There is a huge contrast to the Honda USA site. Which appears to be just a proficient automotive brand talking in a recognized way about metal.

Honda UK, apart from crushingly boring load times, tries to bridge automotive norms with some of the wit of the advertising. That said along with Australia none of them give advice about growing potatoes. 

Why does this all even merit a comment? well its fab thats why. Global diversification is invigorating, More different please.

On a further car note, the only really fun thing to come out of the Detroit motor show was Chryslers's Chief Economist Van Jolissaint's gloriously off-message comments about not having to worry about climate change as it was "..way, way in the future.." and that big cars were on the way back. He also compared the European attitude to a 'Chicken Little' stance. I take it his next position will be in the Bush administration