Them and Us.

786072-633587-thumbnail.jpg Had a real blast from the past experience when I went to The London Boat show. It was like the exhibitions my parents would take me to in the 1970's, shuffling past dull static displays roped of from 'us' with access only to 'them'. The advertising featured black & white cartoons circa 1974 Daily Mail, I cound't deceide if this was an ironic joke or not. The blue blazer and chino clad salesmen wave us chosen ones in to the VIP area . The latter built on raised platforms so the full sense of privilege can be achieved. 786072-633210-thumbnail.jpg

Even second rate nightclubs know not to shove such elitism in the face of the 'punters'

Thank goodness I hadn't paid for my ticket. If I had I would have been very miffed at paying (£15 adult + £9 carpark) to be taught I was an underling. The corporate car parks were all full so it seems the only ones paying to come in were the ones actually not allowed on any of the fun stuff.

Earlier this year we had had a fab day in the same venue at the London Motor Show. Total hands-on, interactive experience, learnt loads, had a ball, Got a chance to climb into just about every car there. Came away reconsidering a number of brands. my Flickr set of the day here.  Finkangel has a much better one HERE

When the British experience/event/show industry is in such rude health (examples Here and Here and Here) why does an event with such lack of imagination like the London Boat Show happen? A very poor paying visitor experience and a touch of the Surrey Golf clubs about the VIP version.

Those of us actually deemed worthy to set foot into one of the hallowed 'by appointment areas' noticed the following 10 things;

1. If a boat is built to live its life on the ocean wave, why can't you step on it in your shoes?

2. There appears to be a mini hierarchy in the type of slipper/sock thing they give you to walk on the boats

3. There is an international law that states all boats have white uppers and dark blue bases, with insides clad in blingtastic cream leather 

4. Gold bathroom fittings are still fashionable afloat 

5. To sell radar equipment you fill a plastic tunnel with smoke and heat it to 40C, then get members of the public to shuffle through.

6. All the 'By appointment only' signs must have been stolen, forcing everyone to quickly print one off a laptop and sellotape it to a rope barrier

7. HMS St Albans, The Navy's newest frigate, has a parking dent on the rear left quarter.

8. Selling fast boats? all you need is young women looking bored in cut-off tight racing overalls. (like the motor show in the 1980's)

9.  er, didn't notice anything else, we got bored and went home

10. Actually went to the Museum in Docklands which was great, report in 'Home life' section.