The oldest .com?

At this time of festive quizzes here is a fab question: 'What is the oldest .com?'

1.      15-Mar-1985    SYMBOLICS.COM
2.      24-Apr-1985    BBN.COM
3.      24-May-1985    THINK.COM
4.      11-Jul-1985    MCC.COM
5.      30-Sep-1985    DEC.COM
6.      07-Nov-1985    NORTHROP.COM
7.      09-Jan-1986    XEROX.COM
8.      17-Jan-1986    SRI.COM
9.      03-Mar-1986    HP.COM
10.      05-Mar-1986    BELLCORE.COM

The thing that really sticks out for me is that it took 12 months for the first 10 URL's to be registered. was 19 Feb 1987 by the way. Info from the ever useful Stumble via