mmm rather busy

Just like last weeks tax return and the impending VAT farce. Everything runs to the last possible day, that includes getting round to putting a new post on the blog.

t7F London is very busy pitching like crazy to replace the MAXjet business. Who rather impolitely went bust on Christmas eve. My consultancy work with KB49 and IATA in Geneva just rolls on, albeit with a rather spiffing new design.

MCCA duties are a bit hectic this time of year with the awards coming up March 4. Best bit is Dave Gorman has agreed to present again. Member agencies are being asked to pitch to him for the launch of a new Dave Gorman perfume.

I am also spending a couple of days judging the APMC awards in Dublin at the end of the month. 

Very interesting personalised music magazine online concept IDIO built using your behaviour on or facebook. etc. Contents not all there yet, but its a great idea for a new ME brand. 

What is life if not to be full of stuff.