Do you get excited?

Wow, really weird conversation today with a chum high up in another agency. The chat revolved around whether you get excited by or in work. You see I do -a lot, but, it seems he doesn't. well not any more. He was very happy with doing a good job and pleasing the Europeans (his paymasters) its just his new house and impending holiday were much more what was getting his pulse racing. I don't know why I was so shocked by this, I just was. I get very involved in what I do, some times deeply, deeply involved, its more than a job its a passion.

But is it wrong to be a creative and 'just do a good job'  mmm properly not, I guess I am not quite at the buying a spread in Wiltshire stage of my career (being skint not withstanding)

I am going to write more on this soon - The excitement of creation versus the management of creative progression.