Size (and speed) matters

We are whizzing a whole bunch of massive photographic files to and from the States at present. Its the first time I've regularly used web file transfer services and am mighty impressed by both snapdrive and dropboks. Snapdrive appears the more pro' service (100m files, upto 50 GB storage) but has an ugly looking interface designed around the ubiquitous Google Ad serves. Snapdrive currently have a member get member offer to win extra capacity (10GB per), which is a pretty good deal all in all.  Drop Boks (1GB) is all together nicer looking as they've skipped ads in favour of a request for a $3 donation.

On the subject of online file storage etc. There is a fantastic debate ranging (lifehack amongst others) over desktop Vs online applications and use. basically a privacy and control versus convenience and portability. I can the see the advantages of both sides if I was organised enough a data key and a web cafe does look appealing BUT I like the randomness of paper/books and a laptop. The whole issue of privacy and access I'll cover later, as I want to ponder that more. But an added bonus of staying in an office is I can regulate my caffeine intake  (we're 7 floors above street level, and i'm still avoiding the lift)