It seems like ages

Sort of been doing a million things and not got round to writing a post for weeks. There are a load of things I'd like to write about, too much really so as a half way house and a way of getting to bed at a reasonable time tonight here is a list of things I may or may not write in the coming week to catch up. (in no order whatsoever)

1. Odd brainstorm style pitch for beer brand, gutted to be unsuccessful, winning agency's blog HERE

2. Dove poster campaign that looks spookily like the Uswitch TV spots 

3. Our own TV spot coming unstuck at the BACC, air date now late summer 

4. Iris's inspiration event/pub crawl that ended in cocktails with  Andy from Manumission.

5. Still not using or talking about Twitter.

6. Easter;  Children and chocolate in Woolworths versus the story of the crucifixion

7. MCCA Best Awards presented by Dave Gorman. A big night in so many ways, DG's bespoke act about marketing was inspired

8. Ireland's APMC awards, very glam evening in a fab venue, exuberant hospitality

9. Fish getting her work into a gallery in The Burlington Arcade and (finally) launching her web site

10. Moving from a Sony Errisson to a Blackberry Pearl and getting it to sync with a Mac -just. This post by Matt Haughey on the subject got 183 comments!