Prince Caspian says no to crack

Saw Bigga Than Ben at a charity preview last night. This is the film written and directed by Suzie Halewood.
Based on a Russian best seller about two young guns scamming London for all its worth. Gritty, funny and very good to look at. Starring Ben Barnes (yes, Prince Caspian himself) and Andrei ChadovI.

The soundtrack features Joe Strummer, Pete Doherty and The Rifles, the latters 'Lost in London' fits so well. really hope the film gets a wider audience than just its current art house run.

Suzie is the charming lady who directed our Fresh & Green commercial last year, pic from shoot with Mr AWT. There is an outside chance this will have another outing on TV. Previously with a media budget the square root of feck all, next to no one saw it.