Will i finally buy an iphone?

Brand image? = Apple still feels brand warmth. This despite a slight prickly sensation on seeing so may new Apple stores opening, like THIS.

Fragile? = Will i break it? oh most certainly (x3 Blackberrys this year) At least i recognised my faults and did not buy a Mac Air opting for a black MacBook instead and a very padded bag.

Usability? = Maps. end of story

O2 18 month contract? = Anything is better than T-Mobile,  - coverage in deepest darkest Clapham? zero! 

Battery Life? = I'm a long time Mac user, I know the score by now.

Scratched screen? = I like worn, stickered technology and keeping my phone in a fluff and coin filled pocket

Camera? = If it works in the pub that's all that matters.