Art doesn't become Ad


As a follow up to the story about new 'art' ideas being copied for commercial gain. This, about Swedish artist Erik Nordenankar's global GPS drawing being a fake is funny. Here is a brand that resolutely failed to take advantage of a young artist.

Erik had claimed that with the help of DHL, a GPS tracker inside a case, he had 'drawn' a picture of himself across the globe. A really top idea and one supported by some great evidence; cool Youtube videos, stills from the Stockholm DHL office and lots of notes. Trouble was as rather a lot of bloggers pointed out - there were some pretty basic flaws in both his route shown and technology used.

But why fake it??? This could have been such a fantastic advertisement for DHL! why the heck did they not jump at the chance of making this young artists dream a reality? Erik appears to have simply been told by the Swedish DHL office to keep his video & photos within the confines of his art school. - not heard of YouTube chaps?

DHL have the technology, man power and time to have done this for real. Why would they let this just leak out onto the web? Now the story is doing the rounds, any attempt to actually do it and prove how worldclass your logistics really are will simple be a damp squib. A really shame. (This site is a neat example of what individuals can do- Theworldismycanvas)

Artist = Great idea, poor finishing 

Brand = Lack of imagination, missed a sitter